Harbor Islands Video

To showcase Harbor Islands and its beautiful homes, scenery and waterfront appeal, there's nothing like an HD aerial perspective. To capture those amazing images, I hired Camera Copters, the same company used by Hollywood filmmakers and producers. When the skies were just right for filming, we took off in their Hughes turbine helicopter equipped with a gyroscope-mounted Cineflex high-definition camera – the same technology and equipment used in high-quality film production.

I flew in the helicopter, directing the pilot and videographer over Harbor Islands' beautiful neighborhoods, marina, waterfront and cityscapes. Installed with a monitor in the back of the helicopter displaying what we were filming, we all used headphones to communicate and find just the right shots. To complete the video, I hired Justin Marx of Marxthespotfilm.com, a professional production company who captured the interior images and then edited and produced the final HD video. It was an exciting experience and great way to highlight Harbor Islands and other South Florida real estate in this unique way.